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The Wellness Network Supports Acute Care Initiatives

Acute care hospitals are being challenged now more than ever with putting value and safety into every stay. Value based healthcare brings the unique challenge of reducing the cost of care, increasing patient satisfaction, and providing a positive patient experience all while promoting increased patient safety. Quality ...

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Top Health Stories of 2019

Looking back on another year of rapid change in healthcare, there’s a lot to digest—both for the industry, as it continues to grapple with cost pressures, and for the patients who are increasingly bearing the brunt of those cost increases. Many of the top stories and trends ...

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HealthClips Online Quick Tutorial

  Standardized education across the care continuum. HealthClips Online offers a unified presentation of award-winning videos and print resources, customizable education playlists, seamless integration and easy accessibility to support consistent education and engagement across the care continuum. Recommended Learning - Use national guidelines compliant playlists ...

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December 2019 News Update

The December 2019 News Update includes: HealthClips Online Have You Upgraded Yet? Award-Winning Education Annual Survey Vaping Health Crisis Filming Partners Needed December 2019 HealthClips Online: Have You Upgraded Yet? Our new award-winning engagement platform, HealthClips Online, is an innovative tool that supports shared ...

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Vaping: What Your Patients Need to Know

When the first reports of a mysterious illness striking people who used electronic cigarettes started to trickle out in the media, there were more questions than answers. What was causing this illness? Was it associated with only certain devices, or certain types of vaping? Did it affect ...

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HealthClips Online: Connecting Patients & Clinicians Across the Care Continuum

Consistent and standardized delivery of patient education can be available at your fingertips with our new engagement platform, HealthClips Online! This innovative digital platform supports shared decision-making and drives an improved patient experience – helping both patients and healthcare providers connect effectively and seamlessly through technology. ...

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New Title for Diabetes Educators Offers New Opportunities

Written by: Jon Vredenburg, MBA, CDE, CSSD, RD, LD/NThis August, the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) announced its plan to reposition the title of Diabetes Educator to that of Diabetes Care and Education Specialist.[1] The decision for this name change was made after lengthy consultation with a ...

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November 2019 News Update

The November 2019 News Update includes: New Award-Winning Online Platform Driving Patient Experience Baby-Friendly Compliance Transcatheter Valve Procedures Channel Verification November 2019 New Award-Winning Online Platform We are pleased to announce the release of our new award-winning digital platform, HealthClips Online. Learn why over ...

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HealthClips Online Wins Davey Award

Pewaukee, November 2019  – The Wellness Network has received a Silver Davey Award for www.HealthClips.com,  a website designed to connect patients and clinicians with nationally reviewed, clinically-accurate patient education video and print resources. The 15th Annual Davey Awards had nearly 3,000 entries from across the U.S. ...

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