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The Wellness Network’s Asthma Videos Featured on Innovative DailyBreath App

Pewaukee, WI May 6, 2021 – The Wellness Network, a national leader in actionable patient education and engagement, announces a content licensing partnership with DailyBreath, LLC, a cloud-based SAAS company located in Clifton, Virginia. The DailyBreath mobile app provides patients with respiratory conditions, like asthma, with a daily, personalized ...

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June 2021 News Update

June 2021 FOCUS Program Uses Video Education to Promote Vital Screenings St. Joseph’s Medical Center - Dignity Health is working to increase HIV and hepatitis C screenings in the community and ...

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May 2021 News Update

May 2021 Deliver a Seamless Provider-Patient Experience Whether you’re focused on meeting compliance, increasing efficiencies, or improving outcomes, our solutions are built to meet the needs of today and scalable to meet ...

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April 2021 News Update

April 2021 Reaching Minorities with Effective Patient Education Our healthcare system does a good job in delivering acute care to everyone, but when it comes to long-term disease management, there are some troubling disparities in the way different ...

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March 2021 News Update

The March 2021 News Update includes: Free New Product: Connect TV Issues Facing Women’s Health Improve Medication Adherence New Programming Airing Join Our Focus Group March 2021 Free New Product: Connect TV We are thrilled to introduce Connect, our new broadcast channel for waiting rooms and ...

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February 2021 News Update

The February 2021 News Update includes: Standardized Education Across Your Health System Transform the Waiting Room Experience New Educational Resources Social Determinants of Health Share Your Voice February 2021 Standardized Education Across Your Health System We know you’re focused on solutions to improve health outcomes, internal ...

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Improving Prescription Compliance with Education

Even under the best circumstances—a quiet office, no emergency needs—getting a new prescription can be confusing. Patients need to learn about the new medication, how it may interact with any other meds they are on, how to take it properly, and what side effects to watch out for. ...

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Connect: What Is It and How Can You Get It?

The Wellness Network is proud to announce the launch of our newest TV channel: Connect. Designed to improve the overall patient experience, Connect is a complimentary channel that features a mix of entertainment, relaxation, and wellness education. It’s perfect for waiting rooms and common areas. Check out the ...

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Issues Facing Women’s Health in the Pandemic

Written by Jennifer Lincoln, MD, IBCLC There is no better time than Women’s History Month to examine the issues women are facing as this pandemic hits its one year mark. From stress to screenings, it is so important that women’s unique health needs are met and identified during ...

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