Online Flyers

Printable Posters and flyers are easily customized to your facility!

Customize posters to promote online and broadcast usage. These are great for patient rooms, break rooms, and in common areas to remind patients, families and caregivers about your patient education resources.

 Online Health & Wellness Resource

Choose the design that best meets your needs, then customize with your facility name and access information where available.

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General Promotion

Click an image to use these flyers for general promotion of your online health and wellness platform.

Preparing for Baby

Ideal for your OB/GYN clinics and childbirth classes, Preparing for Baby provides recommended learning based on weeks of pregnancy. Choose from English or Spanish.





 In-Hospital & Waiting Room TV Channels

Click on the image that best meets your needs with one channel.

HeartCare Channel

Click on the image that best meets your needs with two channels.

HeartCare Channel

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