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Program Guides

Program guides are shipped quarterly and should be used with every patient.

Our national patient surveys show that hospitals have a significantly higher viewership rate when guides are presented to patients or placed in a highly visible location. Below you’ll find best practices shared with us from customers like you.

Best Practices

  • Distribute guides to every patient
  • Include in admission packets
  • Make sure each patient has the channel guide in their room
  • Have environmental services place in room or on bedside table
  • Have volunteers distribute guides
  • Nursing staff can hand out guides and recommend programming
  • Encourage patients to view programs relevant to specific diseases or conditions

Download the Latest Channel Guides

Download and print the latest channel guides using the links below. This programming schedule will be effective September 24, 2018 – December 30, 2018.

HeartCare Channel
MedSernity Channel
Newborn Channel
Patient Channel

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