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Technical Support

Technical Support

Please review instructions for troubleshooting common technical issues. If these steps do not remedy the situation or you’d like further assistance, please contact our Customer Care team by submitting the contact form on this page.

TV Channels

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Please click for step-by-step instructions to get started on using your Amazon Fire TV Stick or to login to make updates.

Broadcast Service

Below are some steps to take if you are experiencing technical difficulties with your waiting room or in-hospital room broadcast TV channel(s).

  • Custom Channel Subscribers
    If you are a Custom Channel Subscriber please call our Customer Care Hotline Immediately at 888-219-4678 and press option 3 and then option 1 to be connected to a technical service representative.
  • Technical Support: Non-Custom Channel Subscribers
    Having trouble with your In-hospital TV Channel equipment? Follow the two easy steps listed below.
Step 1: Check Power2017-12-19T11:37:57-06:00

Do you have power to both your Wegener iPump and your Pico Modulator(s)? If not, make sure the cables are connected properly and that your power supply is working. Set all switches to the “on” position.

Step 2: Reset your Receiver2017-12-19T11:37:53-06:00

Depending on your service agreement you may have one or more of the receivers below.

HP rp8500 Scala Media Player

  1. Press (do not press and hold) the front power button once.  The unit will start to shut down.
  2. Once the unit is powered down, it will re-boot automatically.
  3. If the unit does not reboot automatically, press the front power button again to begin start up.

Wegener iPump

  1. Return to the iPump 6400 home screen (press ESC repeatedly until the model and unit number or an alarm or warning message displays).
  2. Press the right-arrow button four times to reach the Unit Shutdown screen.
  3. Press the ENTER button to select Unit Shutdown. When prompted, press the ENTER button again to confirm.
  4. In less than 30 seconds, the iPump 6400 powers down and the LCD and LEDs go out.
  5. The iPump 6400 is now ready for a normal startup. Initiate a normal startup by pressing the ENTER button.


  1. Toggle the I/O switch on the back of the unit to the off position (if no switch, remove the power cable).
  2. Wait approximately 5 seconds and toggle the switch to the on position (if no switch, re-connect the power cable).
  3. If the iPump does not automatically re-boot, press the front ENTER button.

Unity Receiver

  1. Physically remove the power cable from the back of the equipment.
  2. Wait approximately 5 seconds and re-connect power cable (the unit will boot automatically)
  • Installation Requirements and Technical Specifications
    Click Here to review technical information about the equipment installed to provide a broadcast health channel at your hospital.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Your TV Channel
    Have questions about your subscription? Click Here to view answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about your broadcast health channel subscription.

Tablet Support

  • Setting Up
  1. To turn the tablet on, press and hold the “Power” button (located on the top left edge of the tablet) until you see the Samsung logo. After several minutes you will see the Login page. If you see a home screen displaying the date and time, swipe your finger across this screen to get to the Login Page.
  2. At the Login Page, touch “CONTINUE” to access the English version of the program OR touch “ESPAÑOL” in the upper right corner to access the Spanish version of the resource library.
  3. After selecting the English or Spanish version of the product, you will be taken to the “VIDEO LIBRARY” page. On this screen you can select the “LEARN MORE” option in the lower right corner with information for first time users.
  • Replacing SD Card
    On occasion, special updates may require that you change the SD card for your health education video and resource tablet. Below are instructions on how to remove the SD card from your tablet.
How to remove the SD card from your tablet:2017-12-19T12:06:25-06:00
  1. Make sure the tablet is turned off.
    • Press and hold the power button (located on the top left edge of the tablet) until a “Tablet options” menu appears.
    • Select “Power Off” and then “OK.”
    • The screen will go black when the tablet is off
  2. Access the SD Card
    • To the right of the power button on the top of the tablet is a tab labeled “micro.” Use your thumbnail to pry it open.
    • The tab will not come off completely but should swing over the side of the tablet.
    • Once the tab is open, you should see an outline of the tiny SD card.
  3. Remove the old SD Card
    • To remove the SD card, push down on it lightly and it should spring up because it is spring-loaded.
    • Remove the SD card from the slot and place it where it will NOT get lost.
    • Leave the tab open for the insertion of the NEW SD card.
  4. Insert the new SD Card
    • Insert the new SD card in the slot from which you just removed the old SD Card.
    • Close the cover
    • Power up
  • Trouble Viewing Programs?
    Reboot the tablet by holding down the power button (located on the top left edge of the tablet) until a “Tablet Options” menu appears, select “Power Off” and then “OK. Count to 10. Press and hold the power button until you see the Samsung logo. After several minutes, a home screen displaying the date and time will appear. Swipe your finger across this screen to get back to the Login page.

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