Amazon Fire TV Stick

Welcome to The Wellness Network’s Waiting Room Solution, available on Amazon Fire TV Stick!

Follow these steps to get started:

Plug in Fire TV stick

  1. Remove Fire TV stick from package.
  2. Insert batteries into remote control.
  3. Plug Fire TV Stick into Available HDMI port on TV.
  4. Use wall adapter and USB cable to plug in the Fire TV Stick.
  5. Change TV to HDMI port the Fire TV Stick is plugged into.

Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Wait for VMCast App to ask for Client ID and Stream Code.  **IMPORTANT** There is no need to enter this yet, you will need to have the Fire TV Stick connected to Wi-Fi first.
  2. Select the “home” button on the remote.
  3. Right circle to settings.
  4. Down circle and right circle to network.
  5. Select the Wi-Fi you would like to connect to.
  6. Enter the password (if required) for the Wi-Fi.
  7. Once successfully connected to Wi-Fi, press the “home” key
  8. Down circle to VMCAST app and select VMCAST App.

Sign into with provided Client ID and Stream Code.

Once this set up is done, the player will automatically go to this content when powered on as long as the Wi-Fi remains valid. If the Wi-Fi changes, this set up will need to be run again.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

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