Customized Patient Education

Our customized patient education offering, available on the Patient Channel and Newborn Channel, offers a strategic way to share health information and marketing resource that allows you to:

  • Differentiate from other hospitals with your own branded health education channel and online library,
  • Extend your brand,
  • Increase satisfaction with patient-focused health content, and
  • Maximize the impact of your overall hospital budget by leveraging a branded health information channel.

Learn why hospitals are choosing Customized Education:

  • Download our eBook to learn how a custom approach to sharing health information can supercharge your patient engagement and satisfaction.
  • Read about the ROI of patient education and how relevant, engaging and clinically accurate patient health information can impact the bottom line– and pay for itself.
  • Watch this video about our client Willis-Knighton – learn how they have transformed their in-hospital patient experience by utilizing our Custom Channel solution and creating WKTV.

Interested in learning more about our Custom opportunities? Contact our Customer Care  at 888-219-4678!