EHR Integration

Bring education full circle with our easy-to-use, EHR integrated clinical decision support tool.

HealthClips 360 brings patient education full circle, from assignment and delivery within your clinical workflow, through tracking and documentation of patient engagement and comprehension.

Improve care and positively impact the patient journey with our EHR integrated solution delivering award-winning patient education at the point of care. HealthClips 360 offers an easy-to-use clinical decision-support tool that seamlessly integrates into your existing clinical workflow, and then documents patient interaction to support compliance and comprehension.

Our SMART on FHIR solution uses predictive analytics and markers in the patient record to present recommended video and print patient education from The Wellness Network’s award-winning HealthClips library.

This HIPAA-compliant, SaaS Patient Education and Engagement tool:

  • Easily integrates into clinical workflow
  • Is a simple, easy-to-use clinical decision support tool
  • Adheres to SMART on FHIR API standards
  • Increases clinical efficiency
  • Does not require additional hardware



HealthClips 360

Unleash the power of our award-winning HealthClips education integrated into your EHR.

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Here’s what providers and patients are saying:

“Through extensive discussions with healthcare providers, we uncovered the challenges they face tracking patient education and learning…especially as it relates to the increased focus on reducing readmissions. We designed our tool to help them smoothly, efficiently and easily integrate patient education and instruction at the point-of-care. This software integrates into the EMR – making it even easier to track education throughout the patient journey.”

David Elvig, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, The Wellness Network