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Maternity and New Parent Benefits

The only maternity and new parent benefits package that features both evidence-based, physician-authored content and a telehealth service staffed by MDs.

  • Covers both pregnancy and pediatrics, making our solution a long-term maternity and new parent benefit
  • Provides employees unlimited, free access to our telehealth service staffed with MDs
  • Helps parents track pregnancy and baby milestones the way OB/GYNs and pediatricians do with a rich reference library of 2,000+ award-winning physician-authored articles, videos, and week-by-week emails


Our Ask a Doctor service provides private answers from OB/GYNs and Pediatricians

Why it matters:

  • Identifies potential pregnancy complications to reduce risk
  • Reduces unnecessary pediatric ER and urgent care visits
  • Increases productivity by lowering anxiety and reducing time off work
  • A unique benefit encouraging employee loyalty


Evidence-based content is written and reviewed by doctors and healthcare professionals

Why it matters:

  • Educates parents so they make informed decisions for their families, driving positive health outcomes
  • Promotes prenatal care to drive healthier pregnancies, vaccinations to prevent childhood disease, addressing both acute illness and long-term health conditions


Doctor-moderated forums where parents receive accurate information and get the support they need

Why it matters:

  • Parent-centered, private communities build corporate loyalty
  • Moms who don’t ask questions themselves learn from other parents’ engagement with doctors

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