Drive patient activation, shared decision-making and compliance with a scalable, cost-effective EMR-integrated software solution.

e.Track is a HIPAA-compliant education assignment and tracking software solution used to assign patient education, and track and report patient interaction with and comprehension of their assignment. Using our HealthClips videos and print materials, meaningful education modules can be assembled, assigned and delivered to patients to encourage targeted learning to help prepare for a procedure, outpatient visit, or hospital discharge or support their management of a condition at-home.

Using this technology, health systems can deliver meaningful education throughout the patient journey to improve health literacy, reduce readmissions, meet compliance measures, and improve patient satisfaction.

We offer two integration options:

Limited EMR Integration – Uses an ADT interface to coincide with your EMR to allow for assignment, delivery and tracking of patient education resources at the patient-specific level.

Full EMR Integration – Assign education from within your EMR order set and view reporting from within the system.  Aligns with SMART on FHIR-compatible EMR by implementing a FHIR client service which will support patient single-sign with the EMR’s patient portal and the ability to import condition, medication, and lab results data from the EMR.

Increase clinical efficiency with e.Track!

Seamlessly assign, deliver, and track patient education in your EMR, leaving more time for nursing staff to care for and help educate patients.

Research shows nurses spend1:

  • 56% of their time on support activities
  • 44% on patient care…only 7% of which is spent on patient education

1 American Journal of Nursing, September 2008, Volume:108

IT Requirements:

  • HIPAA-compliant solution; no PHI leaves facility.
  • Usually resides on existing hospital server infrastructure. e.Track requires a dedicated application server.
  • Intuitive interface options for assigning videos to patients include ADT, ORU or custom interface.

An on-demand education and support video library for EMR integration technology.

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Here’s what providers and patients are saying:

“Through extensive discussions with healthcare providers, we uncovered the challenges they face tracking patient education and learning…especially as it relates to the increased focus on reducing readmissions. We designed e.Track to help them smoothly, efficiently and easily integrate patient education and instruction at the point-of-care. This software integrates into the EMR – making it even easier to track education throughout the patient journey.”

David Elvig, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, The Wellness Network