Are your patient education tools viewed as just “nice to have” or does your administration recognize their impact on reducing the cost of readmissions and improving reimbursements?

More than ever before, the quality of patient education is having a direct impact on financial success for healthcare providers.  Relevant, engaging and clinically accurate patient education that helps patients better understand and manage their health has been proven to reduce readmissions and increase patient satisfaction. Whether accessible on your website, available on patient and waiting room TVs or given as discharge instructions, the quality of your patient education can have a direct impact on your bottom line.  When’s the last time you assessed the ROI of your patient education?

5 Reasons to improve the ROI of your patient ed



  1. From pre-admission to post-discharge, is your education personal, portable, accessible, understandable and relevant?
  2. Do your tools quickly engage patients to support meaningful interaction and knowledge transfer?
  3. Can your education be customized to meet the needs of your patient population and support your clinical initiatives?

If your patient education is meeting the above metrics, then you should be able to see the ROI immediately in terms of a reduction in both length of stay and readmissions. It’s the ROI story you can leverage to take your patient education to the next level – because reducing only 2-3 admissions a year will pay for it.