Patients view an average of 5.7 hours of health education programming from The Wellness Network while in the hospital. [1] What about accessing credible video resources to prepare for a hospital stay, or help transition and manage their care after a hospital stay? What if they can’t remember what they heard and saw while in the hospital and want to see it again to refresh their memory or share with a loved one?

StaffWithLaptop_Small Subscriptions to The Wellness Network’s channels include 24/7 access to your online comprehensive video and print libraries. Using our deep link capability, you can provide direct access to your library from your website – bypassing the need to enter a passcode – while extending your position as the go-to resource for credible, engaging, clinically accurate patient education.

Reach out to our Customer Care Team to request a template message with your hospital-specific deep link. This message can be forwarded to your marketing, website or IT team for quick linking on your website – giving your patients and their caregivers quick access to the educational information they need. This technology is literally at your fingertips and part of your current subscription.


[1] GFK Roper Patient Viewership Study