Keep Patients Safe

When the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the United States—in January—it would have been hard to imagine that seven months later, the country would still be breaking records for new cases and staring down the prospect of rapidly rising rates of hospitalization and deaths. Unfortunately, that’s exactly where we are. According to the data compiled by Johns Hopkins, so far about 3.8 million Americans have tested positive for COVID-19, and deaths just surpassed 140,000.[1] As the locus of the pandemic shifts from the Northeast to the Sun Belt, the pandemic is threatening to overwhelm hospitals and healthcare systems from Miami to Houston to Phoenix to San Diego.[2]

In these hard-hit areas, PPE supplies are once again running low and, in the absence of a coordinated federal response, individual cities are taking measures to protect their citizens, including new mandatory mask orders, partial shut-downs, delayed school openings, and expanded testing and contract tracing. Increasingly, it seems there won’t be “a return to normal” as much as adjustment to finding a way to manage this pandemic while trying to prevent the next one.

To support our hospital customers, The Wellness Network launched a free coronavirus resource center earlier this year. This resource is integrated with our larger Quality Care library, which is an indispensable resource for information on vital topics like infection control, patient safety, pain management, medication management, and discharge. The Quality Care library of content has been carefully designed to complement any of our therapeutic libraries from Cardiology to Prenatal and Maternity.

In 2020, this library has been expanded and improved as we’ve continued to build our content offerings on coronavirus. Today, the free coronavirus resource covers topics ranging from sanitizing and handwashing to comorbidities and evidence-based resources on how patients can protect themselves and their families. To learn more about our free coronavirus website or how to add our Quality of Care library to your current subscription, complete a demo request form and we will be in contact with you soon!


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