Pediatric Acute Care

The Wellness Network is proud to introduce new options for pediatric patient education—right when you need them.

Our new Pediatric Acute Care solution has been carefully designed to make it easy to engage patients and their families with  comprehensive education that addresses everything they need during their stay. Topics covered include videos defining common conditions, diagnostic procedures, and treatments.

We created the Pediatric Acute Care solution in response to a need to help children and their families navigate this challenging time. A recent internal survey found that a variety of healthcare providers who work with children and their families—including child life specialists, therapists, nurses, and administrators—all agree that it’s vital to deliver the right education at the right time to reduce the anxiety and stress associated with a hospitalization.

This survey backs up research showing that patient education is a critical part of the hospital experience for pediatric patients and their families. Studies show that adequate education can help dramatically reduce the anxiety of stress of hospitalization, especially for parents.[1]

Expanding Our Pediatric Library

To make sure that we’re offering comprehensive pediatric education, we’re always expanding our offerings. Recent additions to our pediatric library include titles such as:

  • What is Anesthesia?
  • Patient Safety
  • Inhalation Medications
  • Surgery
  • Tips for Taking Your Medicine
  • CT Scans
  • And more!

All of the videos in our Pediatric Library, created by Health Nuts Media, are short and engaging—and animated to make them more interesting for your young patients. When it comes to educating children (and many adults as well!), animated videos have been shown to help pediatric patients and their caregivers understand their diagnosis better. And increased comprehension leads to better adherence to clinical care plans and can hopefully impact outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Here at The Wellness Network, we are committed to children’s health and offering patient education that can help you reach and teach your patients and their families.


[1] Chen H, Lin Z, Chen J, Li X, Zhao L, Chen W, Lin H. The impact of an interactive, multifaceted education approach for congenital cataract on parental anxiety, knowledge and satisfaction: A randomized, controlled trial. Patient Educ Couns. 2019 Sep 6.