The modern hospital and healthcare setting offers many challenges for healthcare providers. They are now tasked with meeting patient education initiatives while simultaneously doing more work on the floor. In addition, they are asked to manage staff time constraints, making it harder than ever to effectively engage patients in understanding their condition and then following up to make sure they are complying with care directives. While this might feel daunting, reliable, integrated patient education tools are designed to help providers and their teams meet these challenges.

Customized patient education solutions that can be integrated into the EMR to streamline the clinical workflow, can help ease this patient education burden. The Wellness Network’s suite of customizable patient education products can help you satisfy clinical initiatives, increase education time, and improve the overall quality of care while streamlining workflow for providers, making it easier than ever to provide high quality, consistent, individualized patient education.

Choose from our newly expanded libraries:

  • Chronic Care: Help patients understand how best to manage their care, thereby potentially reducing readmissions, with relevant education on diabetes, heart failure, COPD, stroke, respiratory care and more.
  • Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) & Patient Safety: Provide critical education to engage patients and their families in action to help reduce hospital acquired infection, prevent falls and promote safety while in the hospital.
  • Orthopedics: Drive better patient outcomes and increase patient satisfaction: from pre-surgery, in-hospital, and through recovery with our suite of joint replacement programs.
  • Prenatal & Newborn Care: Deliver essential education when and where soon-to-be and new moms need it most, covering topics like baby friendly, safe sleep, car seat safety, abusive head trauma prevention and more.

Our team can customize content to meet your educational requirements and clinical initiatives. We also offer multiple means of delivering and providing access to the content based on the preferences of your target population and the tracking requirements of your facility. If you would like more information on our content libraries and integrated delivery capabilities, please contact our team today for a no-obligation demo and to learn more.