200392901-001A new report from the Centers for Social Inclusion provides a revealing look at the structural barriers to breastfeeding that face American women of color in the medical system, in the community, and at work. African-American women, in particular, face significant systemic challenges to establishing and maintaining breastfeeding. The Public Health Perspectives blog over at PLOS.org has a terrific round-up of research on this topic that is well worth a read.


Some highlights:

  • African-American women frequently have poor access to Baby-Friendly Hospitals.
  • Communities with high populations of African-Americans are less likely to have Laleche League groups, and tend to have poor nursing support in the community.
  • Hospitals that transition to Baby-Friendly status are more likely to increase all breastfeeding rates, including those in women of color.

The Newborn Channel is pleased to add the “It’s Only Natural” breastfeeding video series to its programming lineup, in partnership with the National Institutes of Health Office of Women’s Health. The series focuses on overcoming the breastfeeding barriers African-American women face. Programs address breastfeeding myths, help moms find support for breastfeeding, and address logistical and practical issues. To find out more, check your program Guide or contact us at 888-219-4678 or email customercare@thewellnessnetwork.net.

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