Recommended Learning

Any hospital visit is a busy, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming experience for patients—but there remains a critical need for healthcare providers to provide evidence-based patient education in between the intake, exams, assessments, treatment, and discharge. For pre-planned procedures, this hectic activity and need for education extends to pre-admission, as everyone from joint replacement patients to expecting moms work to understand the details of their upcoming hospitalization, how to prepare, and what steps they need to take in their ongoing care and recovery.

Anything that can streamline this process and make it easier to provide relevant patient education is good for both patients and clinicians. Patients appreciate the opportunity to access targeted patient education at their own convenience, while clinicians appreciate being able to easily prescribe learning to individual patients and recommend only what that patient needs to hear.

Recommended Learning is designed to directly address this challenge by making it simple to deliver highly focused learning modules specific to where a patient is in their care or diagnosis with a click of a mouse or touch of a button. Based on national guidelines, quality initiatives, and core measures, we’ve developed Recommended Learning playlists that combine collections of individual assets into discrete learning modules.

Recommended Learning is available in two modes:

  1. Standardized: As health systems continue to consolidate, it’s increasingly important that patient education and tools are standardized across the entire network. Our recommended learning playlists align with national standards and quality initiatives, and are designed to reach across your whole organization, so a patient accessing the education in a clinic is seeing the same information as a patient in a waiting room, hospital room, or from the comfort of their home.
  2. Customized: We recognize that some facilities have built their own protocols based on their specific workflow, patient population, or goals, so we offer the ability to support customized Recommended Learning playlists. Customers can draw from our national, standard playlists or create custom playlists from scratch, pulling from our library of evidence-based content and/or combining it with their own content.

Our national Recommended Learning playlists cover a wide-range of diagnoses, conditions, and procedures. Below are sample Recommended Learning modules:

  • Preparing for Baby offers targeted education broken down by the week in pregnancy.
  • Postpartum Care presents education about physical changes during pregnancy and recovery, common emotions, and what to expect in a follow-up visit.
  • Hospital Safety combines information on infection prevention and fall safety.
  • Navigating Your Cancer Diagnosis helps patients better understand their treatment plan, seek out support, and deal with common emotions after a cancer diagnosis.
  • Managing Diabetes Medications focuses on explaining how medications work, safe use of medications, and how to avoid common medication mistakes.
  • Heart Failure Discharge Plan addresses preparing for discharge, preventing DVT, and ongoing at-home management.
  • Preparing for Joint Replacement informs patients on what to expect during their surgery and how to prepare their home.

Recommended Learning can be delivered on any platform that’s Internet-enabled, whether that’s a patient-room tablet, a smart TV, or the patient’s phone or computer. The education, including print and video, can be accessed for self-directed patient learning, using QR codes that allow patients to access printable handouts, or assigned and documented via HealthClips 360, our interoperability platform.

This feature is particularly powerful in the time of COVID-19. Clinicians are using our Recommended Learning tool to assign patients targeted education they can watch in the safety in their own home. Still other healthcare providers are using Recommended Learning modules during telehealth visits, or they’re incorporating Recommended Learning into remote classes like diabetes education, childbirth classes, or pre-surgical boot camps.

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