Standardized education across the care continuum.

HealthClips Online offers a unified presentation of award-winning videos and print resources, customizable education playlists, seamless integration and easy accessibility to support consistent education and engagement across the care continuum.

Easy & Clean Navigation


  • Recommended Learning – Use national guidelines compliant playlists or customize to meet the needs of your facility and patient population.
  • Facility Resources – Customize to link to events, classes, and other facility specific resources.
  • Full Library – Present all your patient education in one, unified, user-friendly platform.
  • Spanish – Choose this option to access the full site and experience in Spanish.

Custom Playlists


  • Leverage existing playlists that align with national guidelines – aimed to meeting educational needs of targeted patient populations.
  • Create custom playlists or collections of education to present to your target audience.
  • Bundle education by department or patient population.



  • Monitor daily sessions, pageviews and users.
  • Track access of videos and playlists viewed.
  • Learn how many patients view the full video, take the quiz (comprehension question) and answer it correctly.
  • Access facility-specific and system-level data.

User Friendly Features


  • Search – promotes ease of use of this site for reliable health information. Discourages patients from using Dr. Google!
  • Learn More – Tips and tricks for patients to navigate the site to support patient self-directed education.





Award-Winning Videos


  • Share via email, or embed on your marketing site.
  • Use closed captioning or access transcripts to help support increased learning.
  • Test your knowledge with comprehension questions, presented at the conclusion of all videos.
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