Standardized education across the care continuum.

HealthClips Online

HealthClips Online offers a unified presentation of award-winning, clinically accurate video and print resources, customizable education playlists, seamless integration and easy accessibility to support consistent education and engagement across the care continuum.

Easy & Clean Navigation


  • Recommended Learning – Use national guidelines compliant playlists or customize to meet the needs of your facility and patient population.
  • Facility Resources – Customize to link to events, classes, and other facility specific resources.
  • Full Library – Present all your patient education in one, unified, user-friendly platform.



  • Custom Features – Design this page for your target population to meet your marketing and clinical objectives. Your team can enhance the site by customizing the website homepage copy, footer, facility resource links, and education playlists.
  • Brand Articulation – Align your online health and wellness resource with your brand using your color palette, logo, and URL.

User Friendly Features


  • Search – Finding clinically accurate, medically reviewed information is easy with a search function that makes navigating our full library of reliable health information simple. No more Dr. Google!
  • Learn More – This tool offers tips and tricks to help users navigate the site to support self-directed education.
Easy Shareability

Easy Shareability


  • Page links – Access links to easily share individual videos or video playlist on social media sites, or in customer, member, and patient communications.
  • Player links – Access links to embed individual videos or video playlist on your marketing website.
HealthClips Playlist

Custom Playlists


  • Standardize education – Leverage TWN playlists, which align with national guidelines, to easily present standardized education modules.
  • Create custom playlists – Create education modules or playlists to meet specific needs of your system, hospital, departments or patient population.
HealthClips Videos

Award-Winning Videos


  • Trustworthy – Videos from The Wellness Network are clinically reviewed and guideline compliant.
  • Accessible – Videos include closed captioning and access to transcripts.
  • Verify – Comprehension questions are presented at the end of each video so patients can test their knowledge and clinicians can gauge level of understanding.
HealthClips Analytics



  • Monitor – Activity including daily sessions, page views, users, top viewed content and comprehension are accessible in our analytics reports.
  • System-level data – Multiple facility analytics are available to track engagement by facility.
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