Sneak Peek – The following new patient education programming will be added to our HealthClips Video and Resource Library spring of 2019!

Ambulatory Care
  • Abdominal Pain in Men
  • Abdominal Pain in Women
  • After a Concussion
  • At-Home Care for Influenza
  • Cast Care
  • Dealing with Chest Pain
  • Pneumonia Care at Home
  • R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
  • Recognizing and Treating Cellulitis
  • Strategies for Managing Neck and Back Pain
  • Threatened Miscarriage
  • Treating Gallstones
  • Understanding Kidney Stones
  • Using Crutches Safely
  • Viral Bronchitis
  • Viral Respiratory Illness in Adults (Common Colds)
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea in Adults

Heart Attack

  • After a Heart Attack: Discharge Day
  • Diagnosing a Heart Attack
  • Emergency Treatment for a Heart Attack
  • Healthy Living After a Heart Attack: Angina
  • Healthy Living After a Heart Attack: Exercise
  • Healthy Living After a Heart Attack: Nutrition
  • Healthy Living After a Heart Attack: Reducing Stress
  • Healthy Living After a Heart Attack: Staying Positive
  • Healthy Living After a Heart Attack: Understanding Risk Factors
  • Heart Attack Medications: Statins
  • Heart Attack Medications: Taking Nitroglycerin
  • Symptoms of a Heart Attack
  • Treating Coronary Artery Disease: Lifestyle Changes, Medications, Stents and Surgery
  • What is a Heart Attack?

Heart Failure

  • Common Tests for Heart Failure
  • Heart Failure Medications: ACE Inhibitors, ARBs, and ARNIs
  • Heart Failure Medications: Aldosterone Antagonists
  • Heart Failure Medications: Beta-Blockers
  • Heart Failure Medications: Digitalis
  • Heart Failure Medications: Diuretics
  • Heart Failure: Preparing for Discharge
  • How to Handle a Heart Failure Flare-Up
  • Living with Heart Failure: Building a Support Network
  • Living with Heart Failure: Exercising Safely
  • Living with Heart Failure: Fluid Guidelines
  • Living with Heart Failure: Reading Nutrition Labels
  • Living with Heart Failure: Strategies to Reduce Sodium
  • Managing Your Heart Failure Medications
  • Medications Used to Treat Heart Failure
  • Monitoring Symptoms of Heart Failure
  • Preparing for Your Doctor’s Appointments with Heart Failure
  • Tobacco and Heart Failure: Tips for Quitting
  • What is a Heart Failure Treatment Plan?
  • What is Heart Failure?
  • Living with Heart Failure: Goals for the Future
  • Living with Heart Failure: Your Healthy Diet
  • Treating Heart Failure: Left-Ventricular Assist Devices
  • Treating Heart Failure: Medications, Devices, and Surgery
  • Understanding Ejection Fraction
  • What Your Heart Failure Diagnosis Means
Mental and Emotional Health


  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Do I Have an Anxiety Disorder?
  • How Is Anxiety Treated?
  • Living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Living with Panic Attacks
  • Living with Social Anxiety Disorder
  • What Is Anxiety?
  • Living with a Phobia


  • What Is Bipolar Disorder?
  • How Is Bipolar Disorder Different from Depression and Anxiety?
  • Treatments for Bipolar Disorder


  • Managing Depression: Medications
  • Managing Depression: Overcoming Barriers and Getting Help
  • Managing Depression: Psychotherapy
  • Relieving Depression Through Lifestyle Changes
  • Signs and Symptoms of Depression
  • What is Depression?


  • Schizophrenia: Understanding Hallucinations and Delusions
  • Treatments for Schizophrenia
  • Understanding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • What Is Schizophrenia?


  • Common Skills to Help You Cope with Stress
  • Healthy Choices to Relieve Stress
  • Is Stress Hurting Your Health?
  • Stress Management: Changing Your View of a Stressor
  • Stress Management: Evaluating Your Stressors
  • Stress Management: Facing Your Stressors
  • What is Stress?
Advance Care Planning

Palliative Care

  • Developing Your Goals of Care
  • Palliative Care: Caring for the Caregiver
  • Palliative Care: Getting Started
  • Palliative Care: Physical Comfort
  • Palliative Care: Role of the Caregiver
  • Palliative Care: Your Emotional and Spiritual Health
  • The Benefits of Palliative Care

Titles are subject to change.