New Ambulatory Care and Palliative and Advance Care Patient Education Libraries

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With the shift to value-based healthcare from fee-for-service, The Wellness Network is excited to announce the expansion of our HealthClips Video and Resource Library to include two new libraries: Ambulatory Care and Palliative and Advance Care Planning.

With increased focus by health systems on the ambulatory space as a more cost-effective healthcare touchpoint, our Ambulatory Care Library aims to support patient interaction and improved patient understanding and engagement in this space. Content focuses around common symptoms of ambulatory patients and offers practical tips to hasten recovery while staying safe, avoiding the need for urgent care. Common medical tests, adult immunizations, and titles like “Viral Bronchitis,” “After a Concussion,” and “Strategies for Managing Neck and Back Pain,” are all part of this comprehensive patient education and engagement resource.

Our Palliative and Advance Care Planning Library helps patients, their families, and support network, manage a serious illness. Programs in this library are designed to help patients and caregivers understand palliative care, how they will experience care, and how palliative care can benefit them during treatment. This library includes educational programming on physical and emotional comfort, chronic pain management, and advance directives.

As with all our HealthClips libraries, these resources can be delivered on multiple platforms, including tablets, an online library and via waiting room and in-hospital television channels. Additionally, resources can be delivered via our our EMR integrated delivery tools to support enhanced interoperability.

Interested in learning more about these exciting new patient education and engagement resources, sign up for a demo here, and our team will be in contact with you soon.