The Wellness Network is a proud partner with the American Lung Association for good reason—the Lung Association has been a leading source of education, advocacy and research for lung disease for more than a century.

The American Lung Association focuses on key conditions impacting lung health like COPD, asthma, lung cancer, influenza and pneumonia.  These conditions affect tens of millions of Americans and result in billions of dollars of medical expenditures. COPD alone is expected to cost $50 billion in treatment expenditures by 2020, driven in large part by multiple readmissions, while pneumonia results in more than a quarter of a million-emergency room visits every year.

As these conditions are core focus areas of our hospital, provider and health system customers, we saw great value in partnering with the American Lung Association to provide the most up-to-date and accurate lung health information.

Our partnership with the Lung Association includes:

  • Working together to create new patient education and ensure that our education conforms with current guidelines and best practices.
  • Sharing Lung Association-created content across our platforms, including online and our award-winning broadcast channels.

Together, The Wellness Network and the American Lung Association offer comprehensive education on lung health conditions.

Our Pulmonology Library underwent an extensive update and expansion in 2018, adding new content on how to help patients manage COPD, pneumonia, and asthma. New titles focus on giving patients practical skills they can use at home, as well as educational content to help them understand and feel motivated to practice good self-care.

Patient education, delivered at the appropriate time, is an essential tool that empowers patients and helps them better manage their conditions. With a reach of more than 3,000 hospitals, The Wellness Network and the American Lung Association are able to provide education to patients at critical junctures in their care: in the hospital, at discharge, and at home.