Pewaukee, WI, December 9, 2019 – The Wellness Network, a leader in patient education and engagement solutions, received four National Health Information Awards for HealthClips patient education videos. The following videos received awards:

  • Gold Award: Why Opioids are Addictive – This video is part of a series in our Mental & Emotional Health Library and explains why Opioids are addictive drugs and how they impact a person’s brain.
  • Gold Award: The Benefits of Palliative Care – This video is part of our Palliative & Advance Care Planning Library and provides patients and caregivers an overview of palliative care: what it is, how it interacts with their ongoing care, the holistic interdisciplinary team approach, and how taking advantage of this service can bring comfort, confidence, and strength while living with a serious illness.
  • Bronze Award: Treating Heart Failure: Medications, Devices, and Surgery – This video is part of our Cardiology Library and explains different ways that heart failure can be treated by medications, devices, and heart surgery.
  • Merit Award: What is Bipolar Disorder – This video is part of our Mental & Emotional Health Library and explains Bipolar Disorder. In this video patients learn about this mental illness, which causes dramatic swings in mood, and how psychotherapy and medications can help people manage their bipolar disorders and live productive lives.

“We are honored to be recognized for our work,” said Carrie Beaudoin, Production Manager. “Our production and content teams are dedicated to working with our national advisors to develop evidence-based education that both engages and inspires action in those who view them.”

The Wellness Network’s HealthClips videos are designed to support shared decision-making, improve knowledge, enhance skills, and increase engagement, all with the goal of boosting overall health outcomes. As a leading publisher and distributor of patient education with over 40 years of experience in producing evidence-based patient resources, The Wellness Network has a reputation for delivering high-quality, engaging, and accurate videos and printable education.

Using various technologies, HealthClips can be broadcast via in-hospital and waiting room TVs, delivered on tablets, made available online, or distributed via integrated technology like hospital EMRs.

HealthClips consists of a collection of therapeutic libraries, all of which are designed to provide relevant, consistent and relatable education across the care continuum – from initial diagnosis through hospitalization, discharge, recovery and ongoing self-management.

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