Coronavirus Patient Education

We are offering free online coronavirus patient education resources to all US hospitals as they face this pandemic. This offer includes access to a hospital-branded HealthClips Online platform, complete with over 40 printable digital articles and videos from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, SAMHSA, ViewMedica, MedCalm, and The Wellness Network.

The following listing of coronavirus  patient education assets has been added to our HealthClips Video and Resource Library. Our print and video patient education can be delivered on tablets, hospital televisions, through digital files, and accessed online through free websites.

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Quality of Care

Patient Safety
Hospital Patient Safety

  • Patient Safety: Speak Up While You Are in the Hospital
  • Patient Safety: Preventing Falls

Hospital Discharge
Understanding Your Hospital Discharge Plan

  • What is a Discharge Plan?

Medication Management
Using Your Medications Safely

  • Taking Your Medications Safely

Infection Control
Preventing Infections

  • How does COVID-19 Spread?
  • Help Fight COVID-19
  • Taking Care of your Behavioral Health: Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation
  • 10 Things You Can Do to Manage Your Health at Home
  • Coronavirus Prevention: In the Hospital and At Home
  • Coping with Stress During the 2019-n-CoV Outbreak
  • Helping children cope with stress during the 2019-n-CoV outbreak
  • What to do if You are Sick with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  • How COVID-19 Spreads
  • Caring for Someone Who Has COVID-19
  • Disinfecting Your Home of COVID-19
  • Dealing With the Stress of Self-Isolation
  • COVID-19 Prevention Infographic: How to Prevent Flu and Respiratory Infections
  • Social Distancing: Community Strategies to Lessen the Transmission Impact of COVID-19
  • Coronavirus: Resources You Can Trust
  • Preventing an Infection While in the Hospital
  • Infection Prevention: Hand Washing
  • Preventing Ventilators – Associated Infections
  • Proper Hand Hygiene
  • Your Health Checklist: Coronavirus Prevention
  • Handwashing Tips
  • Wash Your Hands!
  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Symptoms of Coronovirus
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Coronavirus
  • Cold? Flu? Allergies? Or COVID-19?
  • What is a weakened immune system?
  • What is a ventilator?
  • Is there a chance your COVID-19 quick fix will work? ‘The answer is no’
  • Pandemic brings another threat to forefront for African Americans and Latinos
  • Caregiving is never easy, and COVID-19 has made it harder
  • What to know about bystander CPR and coronavirus risk
  • Life after lockdown should start with this healthy to-do list
  • Looking for ways to protect against pandemic PTSD
  • Why does hand-washing work?
    Coronavirus safety tips
  • What people with high blood pressure need to know about COVID-19
  • Coronavirus Questions for Patients

About Infections

  • What Are the Symptoms of Coronavirus?
  • How Is Coronavirus Diagnosed and Treated?

Integrative Medicine

Non Pharmacologic Pain Management
Guided Imagery

  • 360 Degrees of Relaxation

Stress Reduction & Relaxation
Uplifting Impressions

  • Playful Puppies
  • Inspirations

Mental & Emotional Health

Managing Stress

  • Stress Management: Are You Stressed?
  • Common Skills to Help You Cope with Stress
  • Healthy Choices to Relieve Stress


  • Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Treatment & Management

  • Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks: Calming the Mind
  • Anxiety and Depression

Prenatal & Maternity


  • Coronavirus and Pregnancy


  • Coronavirus and Babies


  • Cleaning and Healthy Air

Life Balance

  • 6 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Coronavirus


Acute Complications 

  • Understanding the risky combination of diabetes and the coronavirus