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Pewaukee, WI, April 22, 2020 – The Wellness Network, a national leader in actionable patient education and engagement, has announced a partnership with InnovusHealth, a Nashville healthcare technology company, to help health plan administrators, employers, hospitals and physicians incorporate digital tools in their population health and value-based care initiatives. The Wellness Network’s best in class education videos will be incorporated in the Innovus interactive patient learning management system to improve short- and long-term health outcomes.

InnovusHealth uses data from hospital discharges, electronic health records, insurance claims, screenings and risk assessments to identify people with – or at risk for – chronic conditions. It creates personalized classes, courses and curriculums which incorporate The Wellness Network’s HealthClips video and print library to help patients and their families manage their conditions more effectively. Unlike most patient education content, HealthClips features real people and their caregivers to make content relatable to viewers. This tool will help health plans in cost reduction and population health management initiatives, and benefit physicians by extending their ability to care for patients while fulfilling patient education requirements of value-based care.

“According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, chronic conditions account for 90% of U.S. healthcare costs. And with dramatic increases in obesity and diabetes, those numbers are only going up.” explains Roger Reed, InnovusHealth Principal.

Reed and his partners designed Vdio, the InnovusHealth interactive patient learning management system, with anytime, anywhere, any device access. Its data management engine, Innovus360, tracks class completion and comprehension and reports utilization and costs for Vdio graduates and non-graduates.

“By integrating our educational materials into a personalized user experience, we believe we can meet the expectations of today’s healthcare consumer while having a positive impact on their health. Our content is perfectly suited to help Innovus’ Vdio customers take the next step in digital therapeutics: improving understanding, compliance and outcomes,” says Dave Ross, CEO of The Wellness Network.

The two companies are joined in a commitment to improve health, one patient at a time. “We chose to work with TWN,” Reed adds, “because their content serves up comprehensive, sequential health, wellness, and patient education, focused on self-care and condition management.  Videos are available in both English and Spanish, and are available with a full complement of metadata.”

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