In June, we are adding new patient education to our Oncology, Mental & Emotional Health, and Quality of Care HealthClips Libraries. These clinically accurate patient education videos can be delivered online, on in-hospital, clinic and waiting room televisions, on tablets and tracked in your electronic medical record, making it easier to reach patients when and where they need it most and document your interactions.

Oncology Library: This completely revitalized library provides a powerful resource for patients, families, and caregivers at bedside, during treatment, and at home. Our new patient education programs focus on improving quality of life while living with cancer, explaining common screenings and treatments and sharing tools to help cope with common emotions and the side effects of treatment.

Mental & Emotional Health Library: In today’s headlines, it is impossible to avoid news of the instances of PTSD or the stories of individuals, families and communities impacted by the opioid epidemic. We’ve expanded our Mental & Emotional Health Library to include  the topics of PTSD and opioid addiction. These programs highlight two of the most taxing issues facing our healthcare systems and provide necessary tools to educate patients and their caregivers on these complicated, life changing conditions.

The opioid series is designed to provide comprehensive, patient-centered educational materials to help patients and their families understand opioid addiction, including what is it, how to treat it, how to avoid relapse after treatment. Our new series on PTSD is designed to provide an overview of the condition, treatments, and effective strategies for living with this condition.

Quality of Care Library: Common medical tests and pain management videos have been a top request by health educators and administrators, so we’ve responded with these new patient videos. The new common medical tests series is aimed at helping the patient know what to expect, how to prepare for tests and what to expect post-procedure.  Our expanded programming on pain management help patients understand how to effectively describe and rate their pain, and tools for pain management including safe use of opioids.

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