TWN and VUCA Health Partnership

PEWAUKEE, WI- July 2019 —The Wellness Network (TWN) and VUCA Health (VUCA) are proud to announce a partnership to add VUCA Health’s comprehensive medication education videos to The Wellness Network’s patient and caregiver content and engagement library. Through this partnership, The Wellness Network significantly expands the medication education portion of its HealthClips library, which is one of the most robust and complete patient education libraries in the country.

“Over the past two years, we have been updating and expanding the depth and breadth of our HealthClips patient education video library to meet the expanding needs of our customers,” stated David Ross, CEO of The Wellness Network. “VUCA Health’s approach with licensed pharmacists delivering short, easy to understand explanations fits our strategy to provide engaging, actionable videos that enable and encourage patients in understanding and adhering to their care plans. One of the most important aspects of improving patient satisfaction and compliance with care plans and ultimately achieving better outcomes is incorporating information about medications. Additionally, hospital systems, clinics and other points of patient care have been looking to The Wellness Network to be a single source education solution to allow cost-effective standardization and consistency of patient education across their care continuum.”

Educational programming from TWN activates and engages patients throughout the care continuum with clinically accurate, easy-to-understand patient education video and print resources. VUCA Health’s content team is made up of pharmacists who continually review practice guidelines and ensure videos are clinically accurate. The medication library covers 90% of dispensed medications, including the top 200 prescribed drugs, as well as ambulatory, specialty, and common medications.

“Nearly one-third of adults in the Unites States struggle with understanding how to take their prescription medications,” said Richard Waithe, President of VUCA. “TWN does an excellent job of covering the education needed for individuals to understand and manage a health condition or learn more about prevention. The addition of our medication library to The Wellness Network’s HealthClips library rounds out the education needed to have a more complete understanding of management from prevention and condition management to drug therapies. Together, we will improve health outcomes and the quality of life of patients across the nation.”

Like our HealthClips videos, the medication videos can be used to reduce readmissions, drive patient satisfaction, and help meet accreditation standards. These videos are also available in English and Spanish, are short and concise, and produced at the 5th to 6th grade level. Our videos cover the most important and common information patients need to know, including what the medication is for, how to take the medication, side effects, and how to get the best results from the medication. Like the HealthClips library, these videos can be delivered by API or FTP, or presented via our web, broadcast or tablet solutions.

About VUCA Health
VUCA Health provides a gateway to patient engagement that serves as an on-demand extension of pharmacists and other healthcare providers. VUCA has built the largest library of medication education videos, available in both English and Spanish, that integrates into websites, mobile apps, and patient portals.

About The Wellness Network
The Wellness Network (TWN) is a national leader in actionable patient education and engagement, with a range of comprehensive solutions that improve outcomes for health systems, payers, employers, and health care providers. TWN’s health education and engagement solutions deliver original, professionally endorsed, and award-winning educational content when and where it’s needed across the continuum of care. The Wellness Network has an unprecedented reach in the US, supporting over 3,000 facilities impacting over 12 million patients and caregivers annually.