Cancer Patient Education

When a patient hears the words, “You have cancer,” anything else that comes after—whether it’s critical health information or sentiments—is often lost to shock. As the news of the diagnosis sets in over the next hours, days, or weeks, patients and their loved ones often seek information to help determine a course of action, all while still handling new overwhelming emotions. Having credible, relatable resources readily available for patients when they are ready to receive and process it is critical to helping them navigate the diagnosis and empower them so they can take an active role in their treatment and care.

We’re pleased to announce that our Cancer Center Solution now includes resources from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). These new topics by NCI include additional resources on:

  • Prostate, skin, and breast cancers
  • Therapies including radiation and chemotherapy
  • Complementary and alternative medicine
  • Guidance on lifestyle modifications

The Cancer Care Solution provides credible, clinically reviewed information on topics ranging from diagnosis, treatment and recovery, to palliative care, emotional support, stress reduction and non-pharmacologic pain management, and patient safety and infection prevention available on a variety of delivery platforms from online and tablet to waiting room and hospital-room broadcast TV,  to engage, inform, and support patients where and when they need it most.

Care team members including doctors, nurse navigators and practitioners, nutritionist, and social workers will find information beneficial to cancer patients. Our proven resources can boost HCAHPS scores and provide patients with strategies to manage the disease through every stage.

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