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Pewaukee, WI May 6, 2021 – The Wellness Network, a national leader in actionable patient education and engagement, announces a content licensing partnership with DailyBreath, LLC, a cloud-based SAAS company located in Clifton, Virginia.

The DailyBreath mobile app provides patients with respiratory conditions, like asthma, with a daily, personalized risk index based on weather and environmental exposure data in their communities. The app recommends preventive actions, tracks flare-ups, and features a crowd-sourced map of user symptoms. As a result, the app serves patients as a real-time digital companion with the goal of helping patients be more compliant in taking their medications and self-care management.

A key feature on the DailyBreath’s mobile app is The Wellness Network’s HealthClips® videos. While the app helps patients identify triggers, the videos offer vital insights on controlling and managing their conditions. Grouped by self-care, symptoms, triggers and asthma management, the app features six videos available via each category. The Wellness Network’s educational videos targeting allergies and asthma are also available at

“To meet our patient education needs, we chose The Wellness Network’s best-in-class education videos,” says Eric Klos, DailyBreath CEO. “These videos deliver comprehensive, sequential health, wellness and patient-education content that’s focused on self-care and condition management. In addition, we appreciate that the videos are available in English and Spanish, address both indoor and outdoor allergens, and contain a full complement of metadata. Plus, they feature real people and their caregivers, making the video lessons relatable to viewers.”

The app’s ability to deliver education and awareness when different trigger points are activated helps patients avoid environmental conditions that can lead to potentially preventable asthma attacks. Once the trigger is identified, relevant videos offer educational insights and guidance on managing specific triggers, like weather, pollutants, and pollen.   The education videos empower patients to prevent attacks and control health outcomes. In future releases, DailyBreath plans to incorporate additional HealthClips® on its mobile app.

“By integrating our educational materials into a personalized user experience like the DailyBreath app, we can meet the expectations of today’s healthcare consumers and positively impact their health,” says Meg Miller, Vice President, Programming and Marketing. “Our content is perfectly suited to help the DailyBreath app customers take the next step in digital therapeutics by improving their understanding, medication compliance and ultimately their outcomes.”

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DailyBreath, LLC, is a cloud based SAAS company delivering personalized environmental insights for better asthma outcomes. DailyBreath is available for download via the Apple App or Google Play store by texting ‘DB4CAST’ to 72345 from your smartphone.