Asthma – Reducing the risks of serious complications and improving quality of life.

Join us for an informative discussion with guest presenter Eric J. Klos, Founder of DailyBreath, LLC., a cloud based SAAS company delivering personalized environmental insights for better asthma outcomes.

The critical topics of asthma and allergies are elevated as we experience a brutal ragweed allergy season this fall and with wildfire smoke particulates in the air across more than half the country.  In addition, schools reopen this fall still embroiled with the challenges of COVID along with the opportunities to implement the guidance from the 2021 school-based asthma management law enacted in this past January.

The conversation will drill into how poor asthma management and escalating climate and air quality issues are driving up asthma related ER visits, impacting overall health outcomes, financially wreaking havoc, and socially complicating exposure to COVID – and what you can do about it. With over 30,000 asthma attacks daily in the US, which span across all demographics and regions, we offer recommendations for addressing these issues, focusing on understanding and managing triggers.

Learn about available educational resources as well as tools and strategies that you can take away and start using in your organization today.

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Presenter: Eric J. Klos Founder at DailyBreath, LLC

 Eric J. Klos Eric is a seasoned entrepreneurial executive with broad health IT expertise, specializing in digital health. Recognizing that environmental factors have been long neglected by the medical community when it comes to personalized health, he founded DailyBreath, LLC, a cloud based SAAS company delivering personalized environmental insights for better asthma outcomes. DailyBreath was created to pinpoint triggers one symptom at a time to help everyone breathe easier. Eric has quickly become a thought leader in understanding the impact of daily and incidental weather and environmental exposures on respiratory patients. Uniting patient education and engagement related to exposure trigger awareness, avoidance, and reduction, he aims to support asthma care, reduce the asthma burden, and improve the overall quality of life for those with asthma and their caregivers.

Presenter: Marissa Badders, MSHI, BSN, RN, CPN Customer Outcomes Manager at The Wellness Network

Marissa Badders Marissa brings a clinical touch to The Wellness Network as the Manager of Customer Outcomes. Marissa works with healthcare organizations to identify emerging trends and initiatives that impact healthcare outcomes, improve the patient experience, and decrease healthcare costs. She aims to raise internal awareness and understanding of innovative patient-centered solutions that will enhance organizational outcomes through technology. A Registered Nurse for 18 years in a variety of settings that include adult and pediatric critical care, community health, and healthcare management, Marissa also holds a national certification in pediatric nursing. Marissa obtained her BS in Nursing from the University of Texas in Arlington and was active in Sigma Theta Tau. Marissa graduated Summa Cum Laude with a MS in Health Informatics from University of Miami in 2020 and is currently obtaining her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Executive Leadership & Healthcare Management from Duquesne University.

Presenter: Cindy Carson, Head of Business Development, partnerships & Technology Integrations at The Wellness Network

TWN Cindy Carson As Head of Business Development, Partnerships and Technology Integrations, Cindy Carson is a veteran in health content publishing and distribution. With 30 years of experience in communications, the last decade focused on health and health tech, Ms. Carson is a thought leader, innovator, and advocate. Her experience in pushing forward on the power of the right communications and highly personalized technologies (connected health) to close the gaps in health disparities, has linked her with many health tech companies driving positive change in their communities. Formerly the General Manager of Social Solutions Global (ETO Software), and Vice President at Milner-Fenwick Patient Education, Ms. Carson defines the links between programs and outcomes. A Communications graduate of Loyola University in Maryland, Ms. Carson is working on her MGH, served 8 years on the Board of Baltimore Reads, a literacy non-profit, and volunteers in several human service-oriented non-profits.