How has COVID-19 impacted pregnant and postpartum women? What is evidence-based and trauma informed care, and how does it support emotional well-being of patients, families, and staff? How do we help our clinical teams during a pandemic?

We recently hosted a webinar with Dr. Sue Hall about the impact of this pandemic on the maternity space, and the science behind the value of employing the principles of trauma-informed care to improve outcomes for maternity patients and staff. The webinar is now available for download!

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. How Covid-19 has impacted pregnant and postpartum women and hospital teams.
  2. How to register for a 6-week CEU course titled “Caring for Patients During Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery: Providing Psychosocial Support During Maternity Care”
  3. About a website that offers standardized education throughout the care continuum targeted for Women’s Health and aids in providing distanced learning during a pandemic.

Sue Hall

Presenter: Dr. Sue Hall, MD, MSW, FAAP

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