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Don’t Miss these New Programming Releases!

Heading into fall, we’re excited about the upcoming release of new education to expand our award-winning HealthClips library! Our new programming is focused on updating content in therapeutic areas including diabetes, cardiology, and prenatal care—plus major new offerings in pediatrics and medication education—expanding our library to ...

Managing High Diabetes Costs

Written by Jon Vredenburg, MBA, RD, CDE, CSSD, LD/N One of the most frustrating parts of diabetes care is helping patients navigate through the financial impact of their disease. Over a 10-year period from 2007 to 2017, the total direct costs of diabetes increased from $116 ...

Common Vaccination Questions and How to Address Them

As a board certified general pediatrician working in an outpatient clinic, vaccine conversations are a routine part of my day. Vaccine hesitancy is common, and outright vaccine refusal rates are rising in my community. Parents are now routinely exposed to anti-vaccine propaganda, so providers who are administering vaccines ...

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