Heart and Stroke Patients

Reach Heart and Stroke Patients In-Hospital and in Cardiac Rehabilitation Centers

Cardiac patients are actively seeking credible information to help in their recovery and reduce the risk of readmission. Providing patients with education during their hospital stay and rehabilitation is empowering, comforting and effective, especially when the content can also be accessed online post discharge. Connecting your brand with this type of support can help you forge a stronger, more lasting relationship with patients.

Align your brand with the experts patients trust as their primary source of credible information. Content is co-produced by American Heart Association / American Stroke Association and The Wellness Network. Position your message alongside the American Heart Association’s voice through an exclusive in-hospital and in-rehab center education program that is recommended to patients by their HCPs.

Looking to reach healthcare professionals? Sponsor our programs and put your brand next to our doctor and executive outreach.

Monitor your hospital and outpatient point of care with monthly proof of performance, and user and impression reporting, as well as 3rd party ROI script lift analysis research.

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Reaching Heart and Stroke Patients In-Hospital

  • Engage heart and stroke patients and caregivers when it matters most
  • 92% of patients report basing health decisions on The Wellness Network programming
  • Topic exclusivity available based on media spend
  • Integrate your message into engaging and relatable content created in partnership with:

250K Screens

3,000 Hospitals and affiliated Outpatient Centers

8.2M+ Monthly Impressions


In-Hospital at Bedside

On Air

  • In-hospital patient room TVs
  • :30, :60 or :90 spots available
  • Condition-specific targeting available
  • Custom commercial in-house capabilities

In Print

  • 2-3 page full page ads placements
  • Education is recommended to patients by HCPs through the Channel guide
  • Bedside Table Tents & Bookmark opportunities


  • Patients have access to education videos post discharge
  • Follow patients home with video and display advertising
  • Educational video opportunities available upon medical advisory board approval

Cardiac Rehabilitation Initiative


  • Reach physicians and health system executives through print, email and online outreach


  • Reach patients on an onsite interactive tablet, fully enabled with award-winning education content and entertainment, and your display and video ads
  • 2-3 page print ad opportunity on our HCP recommended On-Demand Tablet Guide
  • Patients can access the content library online, where you also receive advertising exposure


  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Infusion Centers
  • Dialysis Centers

Align Your Brand with a Trusted Source

  • Trusted and recommended by healthcare professionals
  • Content and advertising independently reviewed by an external Medical Advisory Board
  • Align your brand with a resource developed with the nation’s leading professional health organizations

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