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Pregnant and New Moms

Reach new and expectant moms during pregnancy, birth and beyond

Reach new and expectant moms at every stage with evidence-based content developed by doctors and trusted by millennial moms. Hyper-target mom during each trimester online and in her OB/GYN’s office and be there during the most critical time – when advertiser noise stops during her 2-3 day labor & delivery hospital stay. Follow her home with a targeted digital marketing and pediatric office strategy.

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  • Physician office point of care: at her prenatal OB/GYN visits via waiting room TV
  • Digital advertising: throughout her pregnancy via Bundoo


  • Hospital point of care: in the hospital at bedside when she gives birth via Newborn Channel

And Beyond

  • Physician Office point of care: at her postpartum OB/GYN visits and pediatrician visits via waiting room TV
  • Digital advertising: online through baby’s first years via Bundoo

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Hospital Point of Care

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  • Newborn Channel reaches a captive audience of 2.3 million+ new moms annually
  • On-air spots available run-of-network, targeted by region or programming
  • Drive sales results with hospital and physician office sampling or Channel Guide coupon offers
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On-air spots

Point of Care

Print advertising in Channel Guides

Point of Care

Sampling in hospitals and physician offices

Digital Advertising

  • Bundoo reaches over 7.7 million new and expectant moms annually
  • Benefit from working with a doctor-led pregnancy resource
  • Hypertarget expecting moms by trimester and new moms by baby’s age (in 3 month segments)
  • Experience the ROI relevant, engaging, physician-authored content can yield
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Branded Content


Custom Content and Content Licensing


Email Marketing


Pregnancy and Baby Week-by-week


Sponsored Content

Align Your Brand with a Trusted Source

  • Trusted and recommended by healthcare professionals
  • Content and advertising independently reviewed by an external Medical Advisory Board
  • Align your brand with a resource developed with the nation’s leading professional health organizations
American Heart Association

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