Hospital Staff Education

Drive care quality, clinical efficiency, and compliance with valuable continuing staff education.

The Wellness Network offers hospital staff education programs that are nationally recognized and provide continuing education credits (CEUs). Through strategic partnerships with the Joint Commission Resource Quality and Safety Network (JCRQSN) and My NICU Network, our staff education programs are aimed at ensuring staff has the information needed to meet compliance and effectively interact with patients and families to enhance patient satisfaction and engagement.

We understand your needs and the initiatives that drive your business. Taking into consideration your environment, compliance drivers and the best way to engage your patient populations, we’ve created custom solutions that combine recommended patient education libraries with the most appropriate delivery platforms and integration solutions. Choose from a recommended custom solution below or, if you prefer, build your own starting with our patient education libraries.

  • Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Diabetes the Basics
  • Heath Failure the Care Pathway
  • Joint Replacement the Care Pathway
  • Medications Purpose Safety Adherence
  • NICU Staff Education and Family Support
  • Patient Safety and Risk Management
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Prenatal & Maternity

Choosing from our list of libraries with over 1,400 patient education videos and resources, you can build a solution that best meets your initiatives.

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The Joint Commission Resource
Quality and Safety Network

The Joint Commission Resource Quality and Safety Network (JCRQSN) delivers high quality staff education, with CEUs, to strengthen the quality of hospital patient care initiatives. JCRQSN provides training and practical tactics to protect your patients, staff, and hospital. Programs produced by Joint Commission Resources (JCR) in partnership with The Wellness Network include a monthly video conference training session featuring Joint Commission surveyors, Joint Commission Resources (JCR) consultants and other experts discussing standards-related topics such as tracers, risk assessments, medication safety and care transitions. The CMS Readiness Program Series provides a comprehensive overview of what hospitals need to know relative to compliance with CMS.

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NICU Staff Education
and Family Support

The Wellness Network and My NICU Network have partnered to provide high quality NICU Staff Education and Family Support. This comprehensive resource delivers hospital staff education and supportive resources for NICU families to hospital NICU departments across the US. This programming offers a critical bridge between staff education and family support resources, so NICU staff have the tools needed to support and engage NICU families coping with this intense and complicated environment.

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