Online Training

Leverage your online resource for distance learning.

Online Training

We know patient education and community engagement efforts must continue despite classes and support groups being canceled due to coronavirus. Did you know that through your subscription to The Wellness Network, you have access to your patient education video and print resources online? Sign up for online training today to learn how you can utilize this tool!

Your online video and resource library can help you:

  • Provide video and print resources to patients about procedures, health, and wellness.
  • Stay connected with patients at a time that elective procedures are being canceled and people are being told to stay home.
  • Encourage patients to stay healthy and manage their illness.

You can browse your facility’s entire Video and Resource library by selecting the link to the product(s) to which you have a subscription and enter your facility’s 5-digit passcode. Not sure which link to use or what your passcode is? Contact Customer Care.