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Patient Care Coordination

Transitional and Chronic Care Management

Converting great care into great returns

Successfully leveraging
new value-based models

Through our partnership with Care 24/7 we are helping hospitals revolutionize provider-based population health management by improving patient care after hospital discharge, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and increased revenue.

Care 24/7’s provider-based population health management program provides personalized care management services for your patients, and manages the complex insurance reimbursement process for your organization. Their combined program facilitates the care coordination required to bill for value-based services so you can focus on taking care of your patients. Care coordination by Care 24/7 successfully integrates:

People – They provide trained personnel at their cost!

  • In-hospital discharge consultant
  • 24/7 access to live wellness coordinators

Process – They automate their work so providers can achieve population health goals

  • Comprehensive reporting required by value-based payors initiatives (MIPS, APM, HEDIS, etc.…)
  • Quick & easy patient enrollment, leading to critical mass for population health


  • Highly automated, proprietary patient relationship platform with built-in analytics
  • Customizable patient communications and option to white label for brand awareness
  • Integrated educational and clinical care plans


  • Award-winning patient education videos incorporated into workflow
  • Mobile patient and caregiver app with access to care plan, reminders, and transportation arrangements

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