Enterprise Solution

Improve efficiencies, positively impact satisfaction, and consolidate vendors with a comprehensive education & engagement solution.

In today’s complex healthcare environment, it’s more important than ever that patients receive education they can trust and understand. Whether it’s a stand-alone hospital or a large health network, our Enterprise Solution makes it possible to deliver consistent, standardized patient education via multiple platforms including EHR-integrated delivery, across your entire healthcare system.

Our Enterprise Solution:

  • Increases operating efficiency by eliminating multiple education vendors
  • Standardizes education across all clinical environments, including in-patient and outpatient
  • Contributes to improved health outcomes
  • Improves staff satisfaction by simplifying presentation of patient education
  • Supports improved patient satisfaction by eliminating confusing or conflicting information
  • Provides education to manage conditions and procedures across the entire care continuum, from pre-surgical prep to hospital discharge and chronic disease management including targeted education learning modules specifically focused on conditions noted in the CMS Readmission Reduction Program
  • Can be delivered on multiple platforms
  • Is easily integrated into your EHR
  • Helps meet HCAHPS and other compliance drivers

Featuring print and video education in more than two dozen therapeutic libraries, our enterprise solution is evidence-based, offers comprehensive engagement analytics, delivers standardized education at multiple points along the care continuum, and is easily integrated within the EHR. The solution includes comprehension questions and teach back recommendations to ensure that your clinical teams have critical insight to the patients’ understand of their condition.

Enterprise Solution

A comprehensive solution to standardize education, meet compliance, and drive the patient experience.

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