Orthopedic Package

Help patients understand their condition and treatment options so they can lead a more active life.

Our orthopedic package provides a consistent patient education experience, from pre-admission and hospitalization to discharge and recovery. These educational resources support quality initiatives and readmission reduction programs by empowering patients to practice good self-care, reducing their risk of readmission and helping with chronic disease management. The Wellness Networks patient education is clinically accurate and medically reviewed to ensure patients have a clear understanding every step of the process.

As the inpatient window of time continues to shrink, it’s important to have a patient education experience that makes critical information available both before and after procedures and appointments.

The print and video patient education in this solution cover important orthopedic surgery topics as well as general joint health information ideal for orthopedic centers, providers, and patient educators in the orthopedic space.

Orthopedic Solution

An on-demand patient education and support video library for orthopedic patients.

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Recommended Patient Education Videos & Resources

  • Orthopedics Library: Joint replacement, orthopedic conditions including arthritis and osteoporosis, shoulder care, and bone, joint and muscle care
  • Quality of Care Library: Patient safety, fall prevention, preventing infections, sepsis prevention, VRE, C. diff prevention, urinary catheter maintenance, hand-washing, MRSA prevention, preventing bloodstream infections, infection control, preventing IV-related infections, medications management, preventing surgical site infections, surgery, and hospital discharge
  • Integrative Medicine Library: Non-pharmacologic pain management, stress reduction, relaxation, sleep
  • Medications: Help patients understand what a medication is for, how to take it properly, side effects, and how to get the best results for using it