Women’s Health Solution

Provide women with the tools they need to make healthy decisions at every stage of life.

Our comprehensive Women’s Health Solution provides education on important health topics from birth through menopause, supporting women at every stage of their adult lives.

We recognize the importance of connecting women with credible, clinically accurate, and engaging information—and making it easy for clinicians to assign and interpret the education. With our solution, assignments are created and tracked directly with EHR, allowing your teams to focus on what matters the most: the patient. Integration is easy, and resources can be delivered through multiple platforms. Our solution improves efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple education vendors while offering standardized education across all clinical environments, including both in-patient and outpatient.

The Wellness Network’s video and print education is reviewed by board-certified OB/GYNs and pediatricians to guarantee that you can trust our resources are up to date. All our content aligns closely with guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Congress and Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, as well as the principles developed by Baby Friendly USA.

Women's Health Solution

Provide meaningful health, wellness and patient education.

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Recommended Patient Education Videos & Resources

Our patient education videos and print materials cover important women’s health topics like obstetrics, gynecology, surgery, high-risk pregnancy, breast health, general health concerns, menopause, urogynecology, pelvic health, and more. We recommend the following :

  • Ambulatory Care Library: Prevention, testing, and your outpatient visit.
  • Prenatal & Maternity Library: Pregnancy & delivery, postpartum care, gestational diabetes, newborn development and care, breastfeeding and feeding, and baby proofing and safety. Using our Preparing for Baby prenatal care plan, you can target your prenatal population with critical information aimed at supporting low-risk, healthy, full-term pregnancies.
  • Neonatal Library: Navigating the NICU, family support, coping and emotions, feeding, sleeping, safety, medication conditions, test and treatments, neonatal development – now including resources from the March of Dimes and NICU Parent Network!
  • Integrative Medicine Library: Non-pharmacologic pain management, stress reduction, relaxation, sleep
  • Pediatrics Library: Common conditions and medical terms, health literacy, diabetes, pulmonary.
  • Mental & Emotional Health Library: Maintaining your emotional health, managing your illness, addiction, stress, depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia, behavioral and developmental disorders, suicide, and PTSD.
  • Quality of Care Library: Patient safety, patient rights, personal medical devices, medical tests and procedures, hospital discharge, medication management, infection control, surgery, pain management, disease and conditions
  • Wellness Library: Aging, behavior change, fitness, nutrition, smoking, weight management
  • Women’s Health: Gynecologic procedures and conditions, STDs, and sexual dysfunction.