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Pediatric Solution

Provide your pediatric patients and their families with tools that inform, entertain, and activate.

As Child Life Specialists, Pediatricians, or CNOs of Children’s Hospitals, you’re focused on improving the patient experience both for your patients and their adult caregivers.  From improving NPO compliance and supporting disease management to fall prevention, at home care, pain management and stress reduction, consider our Pediatric Solution to solve your needs.

With over 42% of children under the age of 8 owning tablets and 98% of US children with access to internet, our pediatric solution can engage youth where they are. Award-winning, entertaining, and educational, our library of videos offers trustworthy, consistent information accessible across the care continuum.  Combine our recommended libraries and engage your patients and their families with a variety of engagement and delivery platforms.

Our video content is uniquely designed to appeal to children. Through our partnership with Health Nuts Media, we are proud to offer award-winning animated pediatric content that will catch your young patient’s attention.

An on-demand education and support video library supporting pediatrics for patients, their families, and caregivers.


Recommended Patient Education Videos & Resources

Our patient education videos help patients understand important steps to reach their recovery goals. Each video demonstrates actions patients can take to recover and shows what types of behaviors are more likely to lead to readmission. We recommend the following HealthClips libraries:

  • Pediatrics Library: Common conditions and medical terms, health literacy, diabetes, pulmonary, super heroes.
  • Integrative Medicine Library: Non-pharmacologic pain management, stress reduction, relaxation, sleep.
  • Quality of Care Library: Patient safety, fall prevention, preventing infections, sepsis prevention, VRE, C. diff prevention, urinary catheter: how to prevent infection, hand washing, MRSA prevention, preventing bloodstream infections, infection control, preventing IV-related infections, medications management, preventing surgical site infections, surgery, and hospital discharge