Custom Video Production

Personalize your education and messaging with our custom video production services.

The Wellness Network’s Custom Video Production can help your team promote service lines, drive patients to your patient portal, promote physicians, and explain common procedures. Our high-quality custom video production services, specially designed for the healthcare setting, can accommodate any budget. Consider creating videos for use on your TV channels, marketing website and social media platforms.

We offer a variety of video options to help meet your specific needs:

  • Hospital Overview: Offer tips on how to navigate your facility, use the hospital bed, address alert fatigue by explaining when and how to use the call button, or remind patients of in-room safety measures to help reduce falls.
  • Executive Welcome: Help drive your patient satisfaction with a heartfelt message from your executive team thanking patients for choosing your facility, highlighting key staff members, and noting points of differentiation.
  • Service Line: Showcase your hospital service lines and facility on your in-hospital TV.
  • Patient Portal: Use this video to promote the value of your patient portal.
  • Physician Medical Explainer Videos: Let your experts explain complicated procedures, aided by our slides and animated graphics.
  • Procedures: Utilize this video to explain a procedure, how it is done and by one of your hospital doctors in a format that is easy for patients to comprehend and understand.
  • Testimonial: Share powerful messages of patients and families whose lives you’ve impacted.
  • Physician Bio: Introduce and promote your experts with a physician bio.

Reach your target market with customized messaging and video production.

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