Connect TV

Promote hospital services and initiatives, and relax and engage patients with Connect.

Connect will improve patient experience and connect to your other education platforms to drive compliance education. This complementary engagement channel utilizes RSS feeds for localized content and allows you to add personalized digital message. Featuring a mix of entertainment, relaxation, and educational segments, Connect is well-suited for waiting rooms and common areas to engage patients while they wait.

Designed to:

  • improve patient experience
  • reduce anxiety
  • provide helpful health and wellness tips
  • promote hospital brand awareness

Ideal for hospital waiting rooms and in-patient rooms, Connect TV gives viewers the tools to live their best life and make healthy decisions. With Connect, we help to transform your waiting room, common areas, and patient rooms with an engaging, relaxing and fun channel.

Connect The Wellness Network

Provide an engaging tv channel for patients while they wait!


Here’s what other hospitals are saying:

 “Our facility uses digital signage to remind patients it’s time to get a flu vaccine or to introduce new staff members.”

Tina Faulk, Diabetes Education Program Coordinator, Abbeville General Hospital

“We believed multiple methods of education, such as TV and web-based solutions, would provide us more reach and more opportunities to educate and support our families.”

Director of Clinical Performance, Mercy