Digital Content Delivery

Easily integrate engaging video content in your apps and platforms.

The Wellness Network offers a variety of digital experiences to support your need to deliver consistent, engaging content on any platform. Our digital content delivery is flexible and easy to use, and comes with a full complement of metadata.

Our Digital Content Delivery is ideal for:

  • Mobile and Telehealth Applications: Our video assets are easily integrated into your telehealth platform or mobile apps. Whether you’re focused on chronic disease management, remote patient engagement, childbirth, pregnancy or general wellness, we can deliver video and print content and associated metadata to enhance your offering. Leverage our HealthClips Online content management and hosting or talk with us about your internal hosting needs.
  • On-Demand or Streaming Platforms: Looking to build out a viewing experience? Our videos can be made available for distribution on a variety of on-demand platforms.
  • Websites & Social Media: educational videos can be easily added to websites and shared on social media platforms. Leverage player links or web links to enhance your online presence.
Digital Content Delivery

Deliver health and wellness education on any platform.

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