Engagement Tablets

Transform the patient experience with an engaging digital platform.

Tablets make patient education mobile, more accessible, and engaging. This HIPAA compliant digital platform transforms the care setting into a more positive environment by providing a range of educational resources and entertainment options.

Engagement tablets from The Wellness Network allow you to customize educational modules, surveys, site-specific information about your care team, and insights into resources offered by your facility. The tablets also provide a variety of entertainment modules like movies, newspapers, magazines, games, and digital music. Additionally, if your facility uses patient ordering and environmental control systems, we can work with your vendor to embed the app for these systems on your custom patient engagement tablets. With fifteen languages available to choose from, these engagement tablets are ideal for education and engagement efforts at the point-of-care, in waiting rooms, and in treatment areas.

Engagement Tablet Features:

  • Antimicrobial screens
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Multi-app integration
  • Analytics
  • Wi-Fi enabled or offline versions
  • Ability to integrate with EMR
  • Storage units
Engagement Tablet

Technology based service that provides patients with tools to manage their health.

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Customer Service

Customization of our engagement tablets is easy! Our content team works directly with your clinical team to identify the right configurations to meet your patient population’s needs and goals. In addition, we will work with you to determine how to best integrate the tablets into your clinical workflow. Once your patients start using the tablets, your dedicated account representative will help your team review analytics and ensure you are meeting your stated goals.