Leverage television to capture the attention of your patients.

Whether in the waiting room or in a hospital bed, patients are especially receptive to learning how to navigate the healthcare system, manage their condition and learn how to live the healthiest life. Our solutions allow you to brand your own channels, customize education and messaging that is delivered based on your specific patient population and clinical goals and positively influence patients’ knowledge and perception of you.

Our television solutions allow you to choose the best options based on the physical location of your TVs, the needs of your patient population, and your facility’s clinical and brand initiatives.

Customized Digital Channel Solution

Captivate visitors and patients with a customized digital channel that can improve patient satisfaction and deliver timely messaging. This digital channel can be customized to meet your patient population goals and allow you to control your televisions from anywhere. Bandwidth friendly and simple to set up, these streams are optimized to improve stability, and available on Amazon Fire TV Stick. Ideal for any clinic or department, our waiting room channel solution allows you to easily enhance your patients’ experience. Customization includes:

  • Patient Education: work with our team to create an educational loop that meets the needs of your patient population.
  • Promote Your Services: show your patients what you do, spotlight staff, or display important information with visual promos.
  • Live Data Streams: add live weather, news, and messaging to your TV.
  • Public Health Videos: these short, high-quality videos encourage viewers to protect their health, prevent injury, and stop the spread of illnesses. These videos are produced by the experts from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other publicly-funded health centers.

Utilize your facility’s televisions to capture your patients’ attention.

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In-Hospital Room TV

Take control of your in-hospital televisions with a looped TV channel based on your site-specific clinical initiatives and patient population needs. Choose from our off-the-shelf standard solutions or customize with your own programming, custom videos and messaging.

  • Full Custom: allows for complete customization of your channel and includes custom video production.
  • Limited Custom: allows you to customize up to 90 minutes per day and includes custom video production.
  • Standard Channel: pre-built channel based on national clinical initiatives but does not allow for customization. Our standard tv channel options include:
    • HeartCare Channel: Deliver high quality education on heart failure, stroke, heart attack, atrial fibrillation, hypertension and more with the HeartCare Channel, an educational resource of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association and The Wellness Network.
    • MedSerenity Channel: Deliver educational programming that supports patients with pain relief, anxiety reduction, improved sleep, and overall peace of mind. These can be effective tools to counteract impediments to recovery, like stress of illness and hospitalization.
    • Newborn Channel: A trusted resource since 1992, the Newborn Channel improves the quality, effectiveness and reach of your facility’s maternal education efforts. Our library of high quality video education delivers engaging and up-to-date educational messages throughout the patient journey − from pregnancy and delivery to post discharge.
    • Patient Channel: The largest and most comprehensive in-hospital health education television network in use by healthcare providers today is the Patient Channel. This powerful resource extends your health education capabilities and helps to inform, empower, and engage patients, families, and their caregivers at a time when they are seeking information.