Health Plans & Payors

Reduce cost-of-care and drive customer retention through empowered, better-informed members.

Encourage individuals to make healthy decisions and build the base of their health literacy levels by providing trustworthy, clinically grounded, evidence-based, engaging education aimed to inspire and activate your members. HealthClips provides an enhanced experience when standardized educational resources are easily integrated into your solutions. Facilitating the right health education delivered at the right time will help mitigate costs for your chronic disease cohorts and aid in the prevention of illnesses in your healthy populations.

The Wellness Network promotes the importance of health education and collaboration, on the part of the individual and their care providers, towards the improvement of care. We partner to help you lead members down the path to better health through actionable, lifestyle-changing education. By using HealthClips, you help your benefit costs go down and your client satisfaction go up. Choose between our “off the shelf” turnkey solutions or customization to meet your needs.

Health Plans & Payors

Leverage best-in-class health, wellness, and patient education solutions to improve health outcomes.

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