Joint Commission Standards

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The Joint Commission requires that accredited hospitals assess patients to provide appropriate education based on their needs and abilities and communicate in a manner that meets their oral and written communication level. The Joint Commission Report summarizes the result of an independent review of the videos and resources in this library against current Joint Commission requirements for patient education and training, citing relevant accreditation standards, elements of performance (EP) and National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG).

The “Standards” refer to information printed in the current Hospital Accreditation Standards Manual and represent only a segment of the standards and/or Elements of Performance (EP) and National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) organizations are required to comply with to meet accreditation requirements. Use of this information by an organization does not guarantee or imply that all Joint Commission accreditation requirements have been met.

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Helping hospitals meet Joint Commission Standards and Elements of Performance.

“There is ample evidence that hospitals can reduce their readmission rates though such efforts as: ensuring patients are clinically ready at discharge, reducing risk of infection, reconciling medications, improving communication with community providers participating in transition of care, educating patients adequately upon discharge, and assuring patients understand follow-up care upon discharge.”

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