Neonatal Library

Supporting families through the NICU experience and their transition home.

The Wellness Network’s Neonatal library provides up-to-date video and printable patient education that helps families successfully navigate the NICU experience and transition home. These guideline-compliant educational resources help parents and extended family members understand procedures, protocols, medical conditions, and infant care so they can better adapt to baby’s NICU stay and prepare for taking care of baby once they head home.

The Neonatal library of family-centered programs spans a wide range of topics that cover everything families need to understand throughout their NICU stay and eventual transition to caring for baby’s needs at home.

This comprehensive neonatal library includes includes:

  • About Baby
  • For Family

Our Neonatal Library now includes assets from the March of Dimes!

Your patients and their families will hear personal stories and insights shared by experts and other NICU families to help support the best outcomes for both baby and family. The on-demand content helps reassure them about the care baby is receiving, answers their questions and gives them confidence in their ability to help their early arrival or medically fragile baby thrive. From dedicated tables to a branded website, these multiplatform delivery tools enhance the reach and efficiency of your patient, family and caregiver education by making programming accessible when and where it is needed most.

NICU Staff Education and Family Support sponsored by Medela

An on-demand patient education and support video library for parents of infants in the neonatal intensive care unit.

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What NICU Parents Want:

  • Family-centered care: It’s a standard of practice in NICUs
  • Adequate preparation for the transition home: Only 37% of parents surveyed felt that they received it
  • Access to information for patients and extended family members: This is primarily provided to parents verbally (86%), but also via brochures (65%) and handouts (59%)
  • Opportunity for more hands-on experience, practice and preparation: 1 in 5 parents expressed a desire for this

This neonatal library supports Family-Centered Developmental Care (FCDC)

  • Informs families about NICU procedures and equipment in understandable language.
  • Promotes understanding of NICU environment to ensure informed participation by families in their baby’s care.
  • Reassures families of shared goals for baby’s optimal outcome.

Trusted Partners

Our partnering organizations are trusted by parents, families and professionals in the NICU environment and bring over 85 years of collective expertise in this niche space.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes

Here’s what NICU parents are saying:

“These NICU programs give more positive and accurate information than searching on Google.”