Nephrology Library

Supporting patients with kidney disease, dialysis, and chronic kidney diseases.

Chronic kidney disease is a common and costly disease. Not only is prevalence expected to grow in future years, CKD can also lead to additional chronic conditions and increased readmission rates. However, when you inspire patients to get more involved in their own care, behavioral change becomes easier. Patients who actively manage their CKD could see their conditions stabilize. The connection between chronic kidney disease and other chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure makes it critical for patients to be informed and understand how improper management or care, combined with poor lifestyle behaviors, can compound their overall health with dire complications, including readmission to the hospital.

This comprehensive Nephrology Library includes:

  • Kidney Health
  • Chronic Kidney Disease

An on-demand patient education and support video library supporting kidney care for patients, their families, and caregivers.

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Trusted Partners

Our partnering organizations are trusted by parents, families, and professionals in hospitals across the nation.

Here’s what other hospitals are saying:

“The Wellness Network provides our nurses with the resources they need to supplement patient and family education. It also gives us valuable tools to help us meet some of our regulatory requirements to provide mandated education to our patients.”

Clinical Nurse Educator, Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck, NJ

“Each program offers excellent information about a patient’s condition and how to manage that condition once they go home. Empowering our patients with that knowledge is so important.”

Patient Educator, Wellstar West Georgia, Health Medical Center, LaGrange, GA

“The information was concise, informative and personal. It helped me know what questions to ask my doctors.”

Patient Education Viewer

“I had a lot of questions about my condition and the programming taught me so much, especially about the medications I was taking.”

Patient Education Viewer

“Watching the programming helped me understand more about living well and staying healthy.”

Patient Education Viewer

“The programming was extremely informative and opened the door to care options I was unaware of.”

Patient Education Viewer

“The programing was both interesting and entertaining. I found it easy to understand and insightful.”

Patient Education Viewer