NICU Staff Education and Family Support

Supporting NICU Staff and Families through the NICU experience.

The Wellness Network and My NICU Network partner to provide high-quality NICU Staff Education and Family Support.

Beyond delivering critical care to one of the most vulnerable patient populations, NICU leaders are tasked with providing meaningful resources to help both staff and families navigate their day-to-day NICU experience. The Wellness Network, through a partnership with My NICU Network, is proud to provide NICU Staff Education and Family Support, timely hospital staff education, and NICU family support resources to hospital NICU departments across the US. This programming offers a critical bridge between staff education and family support resources, so NICU staff have the tools they need to support and engage NICU families coping with this intense and complicated environment.

Staff Education

Created by professionals and “experts by experience” (with quotes from over 100 NICU graduate parents), Caring for NICU Babies and their Families: Providing Psychosocial Support in the NICU is a 7-module online continuing education series. Modules provide much-needed staff training and education to improve psychosocial support and family-centered developmental care. The courses simultaneously bring research and the parent voice to the forefront to deliver the only education of its kind to the NICU professional space. The program modules, which can be taken individually or as the full course, offer CEU credit accredited by PAC/LAC.

7 Module Series & Family Support Resources

  • Emotional Support of NICU Parents
  • Communication Skills
  • Peer-To-Peer Support
  • Family Centered Developmental Care
  • Palliative and Bereavement Care
  • Discharge Planning and Follow Up Support
  • Caring for the Caregiver: Staff Support

Family Support Resources

The Wellness Network’s Neonatal Video and Resource Library offers guideline-compliant educational resources to help parents and extended family members understand procedures, protocols, medical conditions, and infant care so they can better adapt to baby’s NICU stay and prepare for taking care of baby once they head home. This library, when paired with our Integrative Medicine Library, can be an effective and welcome tool to help families successfully navigate the NICU experience and transition home.

The Wellness Network, National Perinatal Association, Patient+Family Care and NICU Parent Network are grateful for Medela’s support of NICU Staff Education and Family Support.

An on-demand patient education and support video library for parents of infants in the neonatal intensive care unit.

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Trusted Partners

Our partnering organizations are trusted by parents, families, and professionals in the NICU environment and bring over 85 years of collective expertise in this niche space.

Here’s what experts are saying:

“The NICU experience is fraught with challenges that may disrupt the parent/baby bond. Providing NICU staff with education and tools to help them confidently support parents will help ensure that the family of the NICU baby gets off to a good start. Similarly, making educational resources available to NICU parents encourages them to connect with their babies. A healthy and strong parent/baby bond is essential to positive outcomes for both the NICU baby and family.”

Sue Hall, MD, Neonatologist and NPA Board member, My NICU Network co-creator, and Chief Medical Officer of The Wellness Network’s Your NICU Baby Neonatal video and resource library.